LSM offers bespoke, custom tailored CCTV solutions for your home, office or place of business.  We can design, build and install the perfect system for all of your security needs, but if we stopped there, the job would barely be half done! 

We can also improve existing CCTV systems. We can upgrade your equipment, expand it to provide additional coverage, or convert older, less flexible systems to modern, easy to use IP-based technology, letting you view your camera feeds securely from your smart phone or tablet.

In addition, our expertise in building and installing IP-based CCTV systems has also made us Wi-Fi experts. We can install a new, high speed Wi-Fi network in your home or place of business, or expand your existing network to new locations using a Wi-Fi bridge. 


We have not been here since yesterday. Our team consists of very well trained professionals willing to deliver best CCTV solutions.


LSM is all about reliability. We are using the latest technology and most reliable CCTV systems on the market to protect you and your loved ones.


We approach every client individually. Everyone has different needs that’s why every installation project is unique for us.


See what the perfect CCTV system would cost with our free CCTV System Configurator tool.

You can explore all of your options, and get accurate advice on what would be best for your home, office or any other environment. We’ve designed this tool with all of our expertise and understanding of our customer needs from a CCTV security system. It will ask you a few questions about the space you need secured and then let you select form several available systems which will do an excellent job for you. That way you are in control of your budget and the level of protection you get, with no sales pressure.

Remember, our expert staff will review any configurator results and offer their advice before you commit to anything. After all, you’re paying for experts!  

You can use our CCTV configuration tool to see what would be the cost of your CCTV installation. It goes with 4 easy steps:

If you’re still not sure what you need, call and speak to one of our CCTV system designers today!

Every system we design and install is customised to an individual client’s needs and situation, and we’d be happy to help you select the ideal equipment and installation options for your home or office. 

We could get started with a brief phone consultation! Just contact us and let us know how you would like to proceed, or tell us about your situation and your needs.

We could also visit you on site at your home or place of business. After looking over the area to be protected and speaking with you about what you want form a CCTV system we’ll be able to tell you exactly what components and installation options will best fit your needs.


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We can install or improve the Wi-Fi in your home or place of business, or install a ‘Wi-Fi bridge’ to extend a single wireless network to 2 or more locations, such as a home and a barn, etc. This will enable you to get so much more use out of your existing Wi-Fi setup, and allow you to move between the spaces it serves without having to log in to different networks or remember yet another password!


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